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Diamond Personnel is an award-winning Canadian agency for nannies and caregivers. We offer you unparalleled service and dedication, whether you are a client or candidate. Our Tumblr will be a blend of news, photos, heartwarming testimonials from clients and nannies alike, job postings and general information to help make your days better and a bit brighter. Enjoy! You can always reach us at www.diamondpersonnel.com or by phone at (1)416.730.8866 or toll-free at 1-888-886-8209. We look forward to hearing from you all soon!
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Super Simple Summer Sponge Balls! 

Some parts of Canada are cooling down (what is up with that?!) but many areas of Canada are still trying to beat the heat. We love this sponge ball craft because it’s simple and fun! Although … Calgary Diamond Nanny Eva Donna already did this activity weeks ago:

Hey Diamond Family!

For everyone in Canada whose wondering, Civic Holiday on Monday August 4th is not a statutory holiday. What does that mean for you? Some of you may be working this Monday, some of you may not, depending on your employers. You’ll also notice that libraries, banks and government offices will be closed but many other popular locations such as malls will remain open. 

This Civic Holiday, we hope you all have a fun and safe weekend! Diamond will be open. 

A very happy anniversary to our Toronto Diamond Nanny Maria Reza, celebrating one year in Canada with her employers. We know you have many more years to come in Canada!

It’s been a year since my employer gave this paper to me when I came out from the arrival area of YYZ and told me ‘Welcome to Canada and to your new home!’ Aww, time sure flies so fast. Officially not a newbie here anymore! To God be all the Glory. Happy 1st of August everyone.. #TGIF #thankful #grateful#blessed #happy1yrAnniversaryToMe

— Maria Reza 

Yellowknife’s newest Diamond Nanny Donna will be on her way to Canada soon! She’s heading north to the beautiful Northwest Territories to a wonderful and welcoming employer. Thank you for your collage and words of encouragement, we know you will inspire many others.

Success is knowing your purpose in life,growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefits others. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage ,positive thinking and have faith. Thank you for those people whose behind my success. Thank you Diamond Personnel, CCTI Staff, to my future employer, to my family,relatives and friends. Thank you for all your supports and advices I highly appreciated. And most of all Thanks to Almighty God because he makes me strong for all the challenges that comes in my life.
feeling thankful withDiamond Nannies.

— Donna G

One of the things we adore about our Diamond Family is the sense of community. It’s really quite incredible — all across the country, we have Diamond Nannies! We know having a friend nearby is a source of comfort, support and friendship. 

We want to remind our Diamond Nannies though: work hard, play later. What do we mean exactly? Before you leave your employer’s home at the end of the week, take the time to speak with your employers and ask, “Is there anything else you need me to do? Do you need any overtime from me?”

Never forget: you came to Canada to work. Show some initiative! By rushing out the door at the end of your work week, it can convey to your employers that you’re not interested in working with their family, that you’re only interested in going out with your loved ones. This could negatively effect your employment. 

So do yourself a favour and ask your employers tomorrow: “Would you like me to help you with anything else?”

Hey Diamond Family,

We need your referrals! 

  • Warm and loving Toronto family is seeking a local live-in caregiver, with an open work permit, permanent residency or citizenship
  • Care is for the kind, friendly and gentle special needs adult daughter
  • The ideal candidate must be gentle, patient and loving with minimal outside commitments
  • Salary is competitive

If you’re interested, please contact Diamond! Only candidates located in and around Toronto, with an open work permit, permanent residency or citizenship with be considered. 

Every caregiver has been in this situation. 

Parent gives you one set of instructions, but Grandmother/Grandfather gives you a conflicting one. You’re put in an awkward position, and you don’t want to be disrespectful — so what do you do? This week’s #DiamondDiscussions centres around how our Diamond Hopefuls and Diamond Nannies resolve awkward situations, and we know your insights will be extremely helpful to others in our community. 

Be a part of the conversation! Don’t forget to include #DiamondDiscussions!

It’s a reunion at Diamond Personnel!

Former Gatineau Diamond Nanny Jesusana “Susan” B arrived to Canada over four years ago and recently relocated to Toronto. She returned to Diamodn to find her another wonderful employer. It was wonderful to reconnect with Susan, who has only had two employers in an astounding 15 years! 

It was sincerely wonderful to see Susan thriving here in Canada, and we know she’ll continue to make Diamond proud.