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Diamond Personnel is an award-winning Canadian agency for nannies and caregivers. We offer you unparalleled service and dedication, whether you are a client or candidate. Our Tumblr will be a blend of news, photos, heartwarming testimonials from clients and nannies alike, job postings and general information to help make your days better and a bit brighter. Enjoy! You can always reach us at www.diamondpersonnel.com or by phone at (1)416.730.8866 or toll-free at 1-888-886-8209. We look forward to hearing from you all soon!
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We spy with our four eyes a Toronto Diamond Nanny picking apples in Canada! 

Recent Hong Kong arrival, Diamond Nanny Irene M of Toronto has arrived in Canada and is clearly enjoying herself. Welcome to Toronto, Irene! We’re glad to see you having a great time here in your new home. 

The party photos continue!

Speaking of Calgary …  our Diamond Nannies Julita S, Rachelle G and Joy D enjoyed a cozy meal in this weekend.

What’s cooking, ladies?!

Some of our Calgary Diamond Nannies hit the town for some delicious food. It’s wonderful to see our Diamond Nannies Rossana L, Josephine G, Richelle V and Josan Rose! 

Sushi, anyone?

Ottawa Diamond Nannies Joana E, Lovelle G, Aisah E and Judith D enjoyed some tasty sushi while out on the town this past weekend.

St. John’s Diamond Nannies and Diamond Ambassadors Shirley M, Brenda A and Amira C sang up a storm this weekend, relaxing and enjoying their days off together. 


How much should kids be eating? How do you get kids to try new foods? These questions answered and more here: http://youtu.be/f1RtOKNyJro





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