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Diamond Personnel is an award-winning Canadian agency for nannies and caregivers. We offer you unparalleled service and dedication, whether you are a client or candidate. Our Tumblr will be a blend of news, photos, heartwarming testimonials from clients and nannies alike, job postings and general information to help make your days better and a bit brighter. Enjoy! You can always reach us at www.diamondpersonnel.com or by phone at (1)416.730.8866 or toll-free at 1-888-886-8209. We look forward to hearing from you all soon!
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Happy anniversary, Donalyn P! 

A year has flown by for our Calgary Diamond Nanny Donalyn, and we are so proud of how far she’s come. She’s matured into a bright, experienced, patient and loving nanny for her employers and every day, she is putting her best foot forward.

Thank you for making my dream into reality, you are one of the reasons why I am here celebrating my 1 year fun, happy, and blessed anniversary with my awesome and splendid family. Thank you for giving them to me!

— Donalyn P

There she is!

Oakville Diamond Nanny Myla F made the trip to the historic Niagara Falls with her loved ones. We are so happy to have Myla here from Hong Kong at last. Welcome!

Sudbury Diamond Nannies Daisy C, Ailen P and Myrna P had a date over the weekend, enjoying some sushi and exploring the city. We adore seeing Diamond Nannies strengthening their friendships in Canada, it makes us so proud!

Look at that smile!

Calgary Diamond Nanny Ruffa V clearly enjoyed herself (despite the rain) at Moraine Lake. We love to see our Diamond Nannies exploring!

Calgary Diamond Nanny Sharon E found her way to stunning Banff. 

Newmarket will be welcoming another Diamond Nanny soon!

Congratulations to our newest Diamond Nanny, Gretchen P, for securing your future! You have a wonderful employer in Canada waiting for you, and we know you will make us so proud. Thank you for your heartfelt testimonial, we are so happy for you!

Thank you. Thank you Lord. I’am so blessed. Until now I still have mixed emotions. Right now I’am having my vacation here in the Philippines. I got my first interview here also in the Philippines. When Ms. Joan called me and told me to have my first interview I felt so nervous but after that Ms. Joan told me that I did it well. The following day Ms. Joan called me and asked me if I will accept the job offer and I answered YES!! It is what I’am waiting for. Thank’s God It’s an answered prayer. 
I know I made the right decision through God’s help in choosing Diamond nannies. Thank you so much to Diamond Personnel for excellent service, Thank you Shauna and Audrey. To Ms. Joan Thank you so much thank you for your patience. 
To CCTI Personnel Ms. Carley Thank you so much for those additional knowledge and tips during our training and to our Prof. Mr. Charlie Thank you!! Thank you also to Mr. Andy and Cherry for your help, support and encouragement. To all my friends Thank you for your help through prayers and to my beloved family Thank you to all of you for being so supportive. 
To my future employer Anne and Chris Thank you so much for this great opportunity, I’am so overwhelmed to become part of your family for choosing me as your caregiver. I will do the best that I can. Thank you for trusting me.
Diamond Nannies is the best and trusted nanny agency.
"Patience is a virtue"

God Bless Diamond Nannies
More power!!

— Gretchen P