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Diamond Personnel is an award-winning Canadian agency for nannies and caregivers. We offer you unparalleled service and dedication, whether you are a client or candidate. Our Tumblr will be a blend of news, photos, heartwarming testimonials from clients and nannies alike, job postings and general information to help make your days better and a bit brighter. Enjoy! You can always reach us at www.diamondpersonnel.com or by phone at (1)416.730.8866 or toll-free at 1-888-886-8209. We look forward to hearing from you all soon!
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Take a look at these great photos of Uxbridge Diamond Nanny Ana Jane M enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather. As for that giant spider — Yes, some people take Halloween very seriously! 

Don’t be afraid to get into the swing of things and enjoy all the gorgeous and diverse weather that Canada has to offer. 

About 30 Diamond Nannies attended our Calgary Diamond Nannies dinner, and hope to see more and more faces in the years to come! 

Autumn is an absolutely gorgeous month in Canada — the trees and leaves change colour to golds, yellows, reds and browns. Spend time outdoors to appreciate it all, like our Calgary Diamond Nannies and cousins, Eva Donna S and Marry Jane C did.

Salutations from Calgary!

Take a look at Calgary Diamond Nanny Milagros P at the Calgary Diamond Nanny dinner this past weekend. Many of you may remember Mila’s own journey from Hong Kong to Canada, and we are so happy to see her flourishing here in Calgary. 

We hope this inspires our many Diamond Hopefuls out there — don’t loose hope! Your time to shine is coming soon. 

I’m with the band. 

Thank you so much to everyone who attended! It is truly wonderful to see all of you again. We are so proud of the community of Diamond Nannies that has grown here in Calgary. 

It was a joyful reunion as Shauna hosted a Diamond Nannies dinner in Calgary this past weekend. It was wonderful to see all of your familiar faces again — and more importantly, to see you all thriving here in Canada.